RJ Performing Arts Academy prides itself on the high level of excellence its Classical ballet students achieve. Arguably the most well recognized and popular style of dance. It is energetic and dynamic, consisting of soft fluid steps, turns, leaps, and sharp precise movements of the legs and feet. Ballet originated in the 16th Century and has evolved to a level of perfection which, in order to execute correctly requires a sound understanding of the technical steps, as well as a natural and expressive feeling of movement.


  • – Classes run following the RAD syllabi
  • – RJ Performing Arts follows the RAD’s ethos and mission statement
  • – All ballet classes are taught under the guidance of a fully qualified and registered teacher
  • – Classes are taught in a fun, safe, and enthusiastic environment
  • – Every ballet student has the opportunity to sit for the RAD exams
  • – RAD examinations held yearly


RJ Performing Arts classes are run following the Royal Academy of Dance (RAD) Syllabi, which is the largest provider of dance education in the world.

Miss Rohanna is a registered teacher of the RAD and offers her students the opportunity to undertake the prestigious examination offered by the RAD. These examinations offer students a worldwide-recognized qualification; the school currently has a 100% pass rate with the RAD.

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