RJ Performing Arts Ethos Statement

The RJ Performing Arts Academy strives to develop a creative and nurturing environment, where students feel safe and cared for in a strong ethical environment, whilst also being pushed to their technical best to maintain the standards of excellence that are upheld within the school. All teachers strive to help students realise their hopes and dreams and challenge them to become independent, moral, free thinkers. As a requirement of employment, all teachers must uphold and commit to the “Australian Guidelines for Dance Teachers, Ausdance” and those policies of the Royal Academy of Dance including but not limited to ‘equal opportunity’ ‘safe dance practice’ and ‘duty of care’.


NSW Code of Conduct

All teachers employed by the RJ Performing Arts Academy must adhere to the NSW “code of conduct” by the NSW department of education and training”. View Code of Conduct


RJ Performing Arts Code of Conduct

RJ Performing Arts Academy complies with the Royal Academy of Dances ‘Codes of Conduct’, which can be found here.